Only thing that would make it better would be if it came in white

R McDaniel

August 17, 2017
Great item! Only wish it came in clear (or white) so that it really would look like fairy lights!!

Commercial Grade Crimson Stars (Red)

Charles Egita

August 8, 2017
I always start early planning for Christmas. This year i wanted a laser light for the ceiling inside my home as they are 16 feet high. Looking through dozens of web sites I found yours. What sold me on your product is that I can unscrew the top and adjust the pattern of the light. This is a fantastic feature. It also is so easy to hook up. I am thinking of using this light year round. Instead of looking up at a plain ceiling I now have beautiful red stars. Thank you again for a wonderful product.

Emerald Dust (Green) 4.0 Series

L. Simon

August 8, 2017
Great Product!

We use this light to light up a tree over our deck with the small dots of light for the beautiful ambiance it adds when sitting out at night..

We used to have string lights hung in the tree over our deck but it was a lot of difficult work to hang the string lights and either the birds or the squirrels would destroy them in short order. A relative suggested Blisslights (a similar product) a few years ago and we loved it, but the Blisslight stopped working after a little more than a year.

While shopping for a replacement we found this Sparkle Magic light at a much lower cost and with good reviews and decided to give it a try.

Despite the smaller size of the Sparkle Magic unit, it is much brighter than the Blisslight and has a spread of light points that is at least as nice as the Blisslight. While it has only been up a few months so far it has weathered some record setting, thunderstorms this summer with no impact on its operation. The lights are so bright and sharp that one relative refused to believe that it wasn't string lights in the tree until I pointed out the Sparkle Magic light!



April 8, 2017
Great Effect

Beautiful light.


February 28, 2017
Beautiful light. Great for all year lighting in the garden.

Good for the price.


January 21, 2017
Worked great for the price. Static display. No motion. Also, no timer. Will purchase an outdoor timer for next year.

Easily adaptable to low voltage lighting system

Gary Kelsey

December 28, 2016
This is the most incredible thing in lighting. Very bright, wide spread, adjustable sparkles, and yes, reliable. Really, they thought of everything: a heater to warm the laser in cold weather (my previous Bliss light took 15 minutes to produce light at 10º); easily adaptable to low voltage lighting system (though you have to cut off the connector on the light to splice it into your system); a nice small tree adapter (costs extra but reasonable) with 3 screws; a flat surface mount and a strong metal stake for yard placement. Plus, this is an incredibly small light so it's not some bulky thing in your yard or on the side of your tree. Ok, so if you really want a spectacular sight (different strokes for different folks) like myself, purchase more than one. I have a huge Ash tree (90" circumference) that I placed 7 of these all around on the side of the tree. The effect is beyond spectacular, in fact, I've never seen anything like it! Forget the price just go for it--you won't be sorry. And yes, they ARE reliable. But, read on:

The low-voltage converter that comes in the box puts out between 12.04 vac and 12.48 vac. If you hook it up to your low-voltage system make sure that you have at least that. The lights will not work properly on reduced voltage re: under 11.50 vac (like on the end of a long run with other lights). I had to run a separate 12AG 70' line from the multi-tap transformer in my garage out to the tree. I decided to use the 13 vac tap to slightly over-voltage the lights and "see" 13.03 vac at the lights. I'm using the very nice "HUB" from Volt to hook the lights and supply line together which doesn't require silicone nuts and delivers the same voltage to all the lights (a great invention). The lights work beautifully at this voltage and in fact I couldn't be more thrilled. So, GREAT price, GREAT quality, GREAT product. WOW!

so it was a great gift and a good deal

Nancy Biederman

December 26, 2016
I sent this laser light as Xmas gift. I paid $160 two years ago before the prices dropped. It was the same quality for $49. so it was
a great gift and a good deal.


Paula Fletcher

December 20, 2016
Great item. Great price. Fast delivery.

Great product, better than alternatives, with a couple minor caveats


December 15, 2016
Great product. Have been using similar BlissLights green laser for years. This product shows how technology improved over time. Much smaller, brighter and less expensive, with more adjustable features. Not perfect... would have appreciated to have the wall bracket included and to have the product all black. To me it makes no sense to have the product in vibrant neon green, make it hard to hide it inconspicuously. Still, for the quality and value I think it deserves 5 stars. I expect/hope it will last at least as long as my old BlissLights.

Oh, and for the people complaining these are not bright enough, note that these need to be placed in areas of relative darkness. After dusk, in areas where there is minimum of light spilling from elsewhere, these are clearly bright enough. Highly recommended.

These lights are beautiful against your landscaping

Jan Skibo

December 11, 2016
These lights are beautiful against your landscaping. My husband ordered another one and it worked for about two weeks and then it stopped working. Amaon's return process is very easy. Thanks.

After 30 years can finally light my big trees!

Bill Ryan

December 4, 2016
Set up my sparkle laser lights yesterday, they are great! I have a blue spruce about 20' across at base and maybe 45 ft tall. It is at the very front of property and we are on a slight curve. I had ordered two green lights, the company recommended green, I think they may be the brightest. I used one on a 20' holly. Since I have dogs, I zip tied that light to the fence, it looks great. I should have lit the taller tree first because I need two, one for each side so had to order another and tree is only lit on one side. But by Tuesday, both sides will be lit. It looks amazing. Both trees do. I had ordered a three outlet extension cord last year that also has a dawn to dusk option and I plugged lights into that. My only concern is when it snows. The one on the fence will be fine, I may put garden stakes in the ground by the front tree and zip tie the other two so they are off the ground. Where they are is also where the snow goes when I clear my sidewalk. The only down side was how many extension cords I had to use, because of course the trees are the furthest from any outlets.

Amazing night lights


June 28, 2016
Amazing night lights. We have four sets and our back yard is a wonderland, year round. Constantly getting compliments on how amazing they look. I would recommend the green color.

There are less expensive options out there


February 15, 2016
This has a wider pattern area, more intense light and multiple pattern options. It also has a ground stake or a flat stand pending use.

Very Pretty!

Virginia Wright

February 2, 2016
This was very good but it gave out after having it for a few months. Contacted the company and it was no issue to send it back and they replaced it. Everyone loves it that see's it!

Strongly recommend.


January 28, 2016
Really lights up my trees! Neighbors love them. Also, one of mine failed. Sparkle Magic replaced it no questions asked. They stand behind their products. Strongly recommend.



January 18, 2016
So great. Mounted mine on the edge of the roof, as I was concerned I (or a child or a dog) might accidentally look into the light.

A lot brighter than some of the others i have seen ...


January 7, 2016
A lot brighter than some of the others i have seen over the holidays. So far it has lasted one Christmas. Will update next year if it still works.


Net Tech

January 4, 2016
Beautiful - brighter than other brands and definitely better made.

Great little product that puts out an amazing amount of light


January 3, 2016
This is a great product. I was amazed as to the amount of coverage and how much light that this product, at the size of a small LED flashlight gives out.

I got so many complements from neighbors as they walk by at night (cannot see it in daylight).

I never decorate for Christmas or put lights up until I purchased this product. I mounted it about 50 feet away from my house and it easily covered the whole front of the house.

The product was not impacted by the freezing temperatures nor by the rain. The weighted base and the ground stake made it very easy to mount.

Love this product!

Beautiful Firefly Effect

W. Branch

December 29, 2015
I love this little green laser light. I bought my first one over a year ago to use as an outdoor display last Christmas. After re-using it this year (still working great), I decided to splurge and buy another one to illuminate the other side of the house. It looks great lighting up the side of a building (the darker the surrounding area the better), but I prefer it pointed at trees and shrubs. Against a building it will have organized patterns which you can adjust (they are static images), but pointed against trees and shrubs it looks like thousands of little fireflies since the pattern is more random. And it has a flickering effect as the wind moves the leaves. Just have to be careful to have it pointed where it won't be directly shining in your or your neighbors eyes.

I bought the green one since from other reviews it is far brighter than the blue and red versions. From Wikipedia "The apparent brightness of a spot from a laser beam depends on the optical power of the laser, the reflectivity of the surface, and the chromatic response of the human eye. For the same optical power, green laser light will seem brighter than other colors because the human eye is most sensitive at low light levels in the green region of the spectrum (wavelength 520–570 nm). Sensitivity decreases for redder or bluer wavelengths."

Sparkle Magic is a fantastic company as far as customer service

Amazon Customer

November 18, 2015
Didn't work when it came. Sent it back and within 1 week a new one arrived working perfectly. Sparkle Magic is a fantastic company as far as customer service. Highly recommended. Product works great!

Breathtaking points of light, this is truly amazing.

Paul V. Beyerl

April 8, 2015
Saw something like this at a friend's home, came home and found this one. It is amazing. We have it set so it also shows tiny lights on the ceiling, into the cottage. On the Arbor vitae in front it looks like micro-sized light bulbs. The clarity of light is stunning. Worth every penny and then some.

This is a cool and awesome product


January 30, 2015
This is a cool and awesome product. Works exactly the way described. I am using it year-round on my trees in the back yard. Reminds me of a planetarium. I just love it. I step outside a couple times a night just to look. When the winds blow, the twinkling is special.

I am a huge fan of Amazon' customer service and have stated so before. But I had an issue and questions about the unit. I wrote directly to Amazon' retailer, Discount Marine Store. They were not able to answer the question, but coordinated interaction with the manufacturer. They responded immediately and daily until the issue was resolved. I have to say the level of customer service, particularly through email was far above my expectation. From Amazon to their seller to the manufacturer everybody did what that could. Can anyone ask for More?

So while I don't think you will be disappointed, rest assured that you are dealing with quality people and a quality product.

And No, I have nothing vested in this review. I just like when I am treated well. Doesn't happen often enough in today's world!

These are so awesome.

Julie Dewart

October 5, 2014
These are so awesome. We use these when we go camping. So many people drive up and shut off their lights in amazement. Many people have stopped asked us about these. we will definitely be getting another one. We have only tried the green.

Pure Magic!

Randy G. Dodds

November 1, 2014
I bought the SparkleMagic "Emerald Dust"" illuminator to compare its performance against that of the green Blisslight laser projector (I have both). While the SparkleMagic illuminator does not cover as much surface area as does the Blisslight, the SparkleMagic is less expensive, is much smaller (about the size of a small LED flashlight), and isn't as fragile. The SparkleMagic light also gives you the ability to change the light pattern, which is something you can't do with the Blisslight.

Although I had tested it after I received it, couldn't wait until Christmas to really try this light out and put it out front for Halloween. I had kids wondering how I lit up my house and parents coming to the door asking me what I had done to decorate! Definitely earned the five stars in wow factor alone!

Just so magical

Charlene McCulloch

September 1, 2014
I purchased these for a family reunion that had a fairy theme. They were a great success. We told all the kids present to sit around the campfire and wish really hard for the fairies to appear and when my husband threw the switch to turn the lights on the kids were so excited they really believed there were fairies in the trees. Luckily it was a really dark night with a fair breeze so the lights were really twinkling and looked like the fairies were moving around in the trees. These lights are amazing and well worth the investment.


Carollynn Mayo

July 9, 2014
I totally love my lights . I putthem in a entertainment area in my back yard shining on the trees . At night it looks like a million stars in the sky