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Interchangeable mounting accessories are crafted to enhance your decorating experience. Available in three sizes, our Clamps are useful for mounting your Illuminator on surfaces such as beams, posts, eaves or tree branches. The Heavy Steel Base is handy for placing your laser on uneven surfaces like gravel or carpet, while the small Wall Mounting Bracket's unobtrusive size is great for installing the Illuminator on vertical planes. Click here for video.

For an impressive visual spectacle, drape some Glitter Walls across the front of your home and with a slight breeze the Glitter Wall will twinkle like the night sky. Click here for video.

Commercial Grade Indigo Twilight (Blue)

Commercial Grade Indigo Twilight (Blue)

The blue Illuminator light creates a frost look on trees and homes.

Indigo Twilight (Blue) Illuminator Laser Light includes:
1 Blue Illuminator Light (Class IIIa laser.)
Landscape Lighting Connection Kit
Focus Cap for narrow and wide light spray control
Flexible Stem
5” Metal Ground Stake
Metal Base
Power Adapter
*Due to the technical aspect of lasers, red may appear less vivid than blue or green

UPDATE: New and Improved! Lower temperature resistance. Brighter and Wider Spray Pattern. Ability to splice into low voltage landscape cable. Shipping Now! Great for outdoor laser Christmas lights.

Additional Information

Short Description The blue Illuminator light creates a frost look on trees and homes. Excellent choice for your outdoor laser Christmas lights.
Promotional Details Indigo Twilight (Blue) Commercial Grade Illuminator Laser Light includes: 1 Blue Illuminator Light, Landscap Lighting Connection Kit, Focus Cap, Flexible Stem, 5” Metal Ground Stake, Metal Base, Standard 2 Prong Power Adapter

Focus Cap BenefitsBlue Illuminator Light

Illuminator Laser Light Features & Specs

5 Minute Installation

How to install your holiday


Step 1: Easily assemble your light

Step 2: Shine on your tree, Done!

How to take down your holiday lights: Step 1: Place in box, Done!

Mounting and Installation


1. Set on any standard surface (using metal base accessory)

2. Stake into ground or landscape (using 5" stake accessory)

3. Screw to wood, both vertical and horizontal options (using optional wall

mount accessory)

4. Clamp to branch or beam (using optical clamp accessory, three size

options - small, medium, large)

Power Consumption

1. Significantly less than a traditional light bulb at less than 5 watts

2. +/- 20 units can be powered by (1) 20 amp circuit

3. Standard Christmas string lights, 8 strands can be powered by (1) 20 amp


Over 7000 hours life span 7,000 to 10,000 hours life span
Unique Features:

1. Eliminate ground spray by using focus cap and/or optional mounting options

2. Manual adjustable dial to control desired light patterns

3. Solid Aluminum Housing

4. Weather Resistant

5. Small Portable Size

Exposed Beamlet Power Less than 5mW Class IIIa laser with light power measuring less than 5mW. Conforms to federal provisions of 21CFR1040. Registered with the CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health).
Operation Indoor/Outdoor
Color Blue (660nm)
Projection Coverage 25 ft x 25 ft at a distance of 30 ft 
Operating Temperature -4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
Power Input  110 to 120 Volt A/C 
Laser Optics  Single Source
Warranty 1 Year Limited 
Height Approximately 6.5 inches using standard included metal base 
Weight Full laser kit is 2 lbs 


Designed, Assembled, Tested and Packaged in the US


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